Richard Warren FieldRichard Warren Field - Writer/Musician

I have come to realize that the common ground for my seemingly disparate interests is the desire to bring the apparently separate together. This includes different musical styles, different religions, big ideas like physics/metaphysics/religion/science/secular/Divine. This includes examining how people of profoundly different, even opposing backgrounds, can come together during times of great conflict.

Songbook CDs
Mystic jazz productions of vintage rock using modern sounds and technologies ─ familiar songs offered in a fresh way; new songs offered in a familiar style.
The Swords of Faith Trilogy
Stories set in the past featuring dilemmas familiar to the present with consequences resonating into the future.
Issa Music
Mystic jazz celebrating the “Issa legend” – the idea that Jesus may have visited India and learned some of his history-altering spiritual insights there.