Richard Warren FieldRichard Warren Field - Writer/Musician

The Election is a fast-paced. . . fantasy of third-party politics. . . gratifying. . . the whole exceeds the sum of the parts.” - Publisher's Weekly

“Recommended. . . The fictitious contest is a close, three-way race; the third candidate becomes a significant force as the Electoral College system spins out of control.” - Campaigns and Elections Magazine

“. . . the most enjoyable piece of fiction ever written about the Electoral College, although it is far more than that. . . a very engrossing story” - Ballot Access News

“. . . exciting novel. . . as the three candidates battle it out for the ultimate prize” - Bookman Book Review Syndicate

“Richard Warren Field takes us on a whirlwind campaign with all of the intrigue associated with a presidential election and the thrills usually found in a Tom Clancy novel. . . But beyond concepts, politics and beliefs, you will find yourself involved in a very good read. . . and hoping Richard Warren Field has a long and productive writing career.” - Readers Loft

“The plot elements simmer on all burners, and always with a light touch that keeps the intricate factual details of an unfolding election perfectly understandable. With a realistic cast of unscrupulous journalists, unprincipled politicians, and underhanded underlings, it's clear the author has a good grasp on the subject, and an optimistic eye for a solution to America's myriad problems.” - Doug Holland, A Reader's Guide

“While most novels opt to simply entertain, Richard Warren Field's THE ELECTION makes us examine our behavior and our survival as a species. Then, while the most urgent questions are still fresh in our minds, he charts a sustainable course for the next century.” - Ed Begley Jr., Actor/Environmentalist

“The electoral process was amazingly researched... The Election should be a textbook for any 3rd party that is serious about winning the presidency.”- Kyle Hannon, author of The Break Room

THE ELECTION is a tour de force. . . on fire. . . hot, happening and on the edge! Richard Warren Field's tight plot and in depth characterizations will leave you pondering the probabilities. . . it is bound to remain current into the next millennium.”- Buzz Review News

“In Field's tantalizing new novel, the third party candidate. . . brings the Electoral College system to its knees. . . revealing his extensive research into the political process. . . exciting. . . and a little too close to today's reality for comfort.”- Tom Person, Laughing Bear Newsletter

“... well written...good reading for anyone who enjoys novels”- Harvey Pine, Creston Valley Advance

THE ELECTION is a riveting story based on an all-too-possible scenario. . . This is one novel that could have been torn from the pages of near future history!” - Midwest Book Review

“Field's story of a good guy fighting the tough fight. . . grow[s] on you.” - Curled Up With a Good Book

“Recommended.” - Reading Forum Library: Microsoft Network


Songbook CDs
Mystic jazz productions of vintage rock using modern sounds and technologies ─ familiar songs offered in a fresh way; new songs offered in a familiar style.
The Swords of Faith Trilogy
Stories set in the past featuring dilemmas familiar to the present with consequences resonating into the future.
Issa Music
Mystic jazz celebrating the “Issa legend” – the idea that Jesus may have visited India and learned some of his history-altering spiritual insights there.