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“a balanced, well-researched attempt to show both sides of the story... carefully plotted and paced to make the reader feel propelled into the consequences of the meeting of the armies of both faiths” -
Historical Novels Review Online

“Richard Warren Field penned this incredible story with such a vibrant simplicity that not only engrosses the reader in the plot, but that endears them to its colourful and intriguing characters… He relays historical facts and details through action and dialogue instead of narrative. In this way, he makes the story literally spring off each page.” -
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2011 Independent Publisher
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USA Book News Award for Best Books of 2010
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Best Books of 2010
Historical Fiction Category

A charismatic Muslim leader takes control of Egypt, Syria, and the holy cities of Arabia, then leads a loosely-unified Muslim army to the conquest of Jerusalem after years of non-Muslim rule. The Muslims leave their enemies with only a desperate, tenuous hold on a few coastal cities. A fragile coalition army from the West, led by the most talented military commander of the time, storms into the area intending to reverse the Muslim takeover of the city sacred to three religions.

This could be the scenario for a present-day thriller. But it is actually a description of what history now calls the “Third Crusade,” a confrontation between armies led by two towering figures of the Middle Ages—Richard the Lionheart, and Saladin. The Swords of Faith is the story of the collision between these larger-than-life leaders, both believing they were destined by God to lead their holy armies to complete victory. The resolution of their irreconcilable goals offers fascinating entertainment, as well as insights that reverberate into the present day.

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