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Issa MusicAccording to the Legend of Issa, a little over two thousand years ago a spiritually gifted young man left the land of Israel and traveled east. He studied Hinduism and Buddhism, in India and Tibet, and was certainly exposed to Zoroastrianism in Persia during his travels. He brought a controversial message of love, God and the Kingdom of Heaven back to the land of his birth. Authorities in power found his message a threat and executed him. Was Issa the man now known to history as Jesus Christ? If so, and if the Legend of Issa is true, Christianity can be linked to earlier Eastern religions. With Islam’s acknowledgment of roots in Jesus’s teachings, East and West could be linked spiritually more than we have ever imagined or realized. Issa music combines West and East modes/scales, harmonies and timbres to celebrate this idea.

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Issa music was recorded during three distinct time periods between 1988 and 1990.

Instruments used:
Roland D-50
Ensoniq EPS
Yamaha TX-7 FM synthesizer modules
Professional Midi-Bass
Korg DD1

Issa music was recorded using Roland MESA software. The recordings were mixed as they were recorded on a Fostex A2 tape recorder. They were converted to digital recordings by Pro West Video and Audio in Encino, CA and mastered by Disk Makers.

© 2011 Richard Warren Field/Published by OmniPath Music/ASCAP

1  Mystic Jam1  3:28
2  River of Flow
1  4:27
3  Summer Palace
3  5:58
4  Skeptic
2  5:41
5  Pace by Pace
2 7:32
6  Temptation
3  6:12
7  Darkness to Dawn
2 6:42
8  Seventh Hell
2  4:56
9  Prism of the Soul
3  6:03
10  Eastern Boogie
1  4:55
11  Voice in the Wilderness
2  6:56
12  East Meets West
1  6:47
13  West Meets East
3  6:07

1 Recorded between December 26, 1988 and January 1, 1989
Recorded between March and April of 1989
Recorded between December 1989 and February of 1990


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