Richard Warren FieldRichard Warren Field - Writer/Musician

Songbook I was performed and produced by Richard Warren Field on Sonar X1 music production software during 2013 and 2014.

Instruments used:
Cakewalk/Sonar software synthesizers
Native Instruments Komplete 8 software synthesizers
Boss DR-880 drum-bass machine
Roland D-50 synthesizer
Roland GR-55 guitar synthesizer

Fishbowl (Richard Warren Field) ©2014 (ASCAP) 4:25
Hotel California (Don Felder/Don Henley/Glen Frey) ©1976 (BMI/ASCAP) 6:20
Magic (John Farrar) © 1980 (BMI) 6:18
Mystic Tide (Richard Warren Field) ©2014 (ASCAP) 4:05
Up from the Skies (Jimi Hendrix) © 1967 (ASCAP) 4:58
A Hundred Thousand Friends (Richard Warren Field) ©2014 (ASCAP) 4:32
All Blues (Miles Davis) © 1959 (BMI) 9:37
Chase this Mood (Richard Warren Field) ©2014 (ASCAP) 4:09
Black Hole Sun (Chris Cornell) © 1994 (ASCAP) 5:39
Purple Haze (Jimi Hendrix) © 1967 (ASCAP) 3:40
Shanghai Noodle Factory (Steve Winwood, Jim Capaldi, Chris Wood, Dave Mason, Jimmy Miller, Larry Fallon) © 1968 (ASCAP/PRS) 5:54
Avalon (Bryan Ferry) © 1982 (PRS) 6:31
Live Your Dreams (Richard Warren Field) ©2014 (ASCAP) 4:24

Photographs by Ryan Field.

CD design and mastering by Disc Makers.

Song licenses obtained through Limelight.

Complete lyrics for “Fishbowl,” “Mystic Tide,” “A Hundred Thousand Friends,” “Chase this Mood,” and “Live Your Dreams” are available at

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(Back cover of the insert)
My concept for Songbook I has been to use current technology, which offers easy access to so many varied sounds, for the production of original and cover songs, blending the familiar with the exotic, resulting in exciting, uncommon sound combinations. You’ll hear African kalimba sounds combined with Indian sitar sounds, modern synthesizers combined with baroque-style harpsichord and string textures, often within the same song. This is a musical argument for cultural harmony and unity. And if you agree with me, that music may well be a spiritual connection to the Divine, to “God,” then it is a musical argument for spiritual harmony as well. This is the musical equivalent of the theme of much of my recent writing─that there may be more than one path to the Divine, to “God.” And however we get there, let’s all celebrate the journey together.

Richard Warren Field, April/2014

Songbook CDs
Mystic jazz productions of vintage rock using modern sounds and technologies ─ familiar songs offered in a fresh way; new songs offered in a familiar style.
The Swords of Faith Trilogy
Stories set in the past featuring dilemmas familiar to the present with consequences resonating into the future.
Issa Music
Mystic jazz celebrating the “Issa legend” – the idea that Jesus may have visited India and learned some of his history-altering spiritual insights there.