Every year, around 50,000 residential fires in the United States are caused by an electrical fire. Every homeowner thinks their house is safe. However, that isn’t the case. Because of this, it is crucial that you know the dangers and causes of electrical fires if you want to protect your family.?? 

So, what are the common causes of electrical fires? How does a single electrical fire start? Well, for those who don’t know, all it takes is a single spark or extreme heat to start a fire. Today, we’re going to share with you the most common causes of electrical fires and how to prevent them with the help of commercial electrician Atlanta experts. 

Portable Heaters? 

Space heaters are known to cause house fires. Portable heaters heat up too fast. They could ignite almost right away flammable materials. It might lead to a fire if you place them too close to upholstery, bedding, or curtains.?? 

To prevent electrical fires, make sure you place space heaters on fire-safe and flat surfaces. Do not place them close to flammable materials. You shouldn’t leave a space heater unattended. If you aren’t using it, unplug the device.?? 

Light Fixtures? 

Not every light bulb works will all fixtures. One cause of the electrical fire is installing a high-wattage bulb in a low-wattage lamp. Also, it might lead to a fire if you cover the lamp with a cloth lampshade.?? 

Before you install new light bulbs, make sure you know the wattage. You should replace it if a light fixture gets extremely hot when you use it.?? 

Old Appliances? 

You may have a toaster from the 70s that appears great. However, perhaps it isn’t safe to use. outdated appliances aren’t updated with the current standards when it comes to safety regulations, construction, and materials. In addition to that, old appliances have higher possibilities of having loose wiring or frayed cords.?? 

Always check appliances for indications of damage. You should hire a professional to inspect the appliance if it generates a burning smell or makes weird sounds.?? 

Overloading Electrical Circuit? 

You’re only creating a disaster if you are plugging a lot of cords into one power source. You shouldn’t use a single extension cord to power several electronics and appliances at once. You’ll wear out the system if you overload the circuit and it can lead to a fire.?? 

You should try utilizing several outlets rather than relying on extension cords. Also, make sure your appliances have a dedicated circuit. Hire a professional electrician to install you more if you do not have enough dedicated circuits or outlets in your house.?? 

Faulty Electrical Outlets? 

For those who don’t know, almost every electrical fire begins in outlets. Outlets that aren’t grounded have higher possibilities of sparking, catching on fire, or create an electrical arc. Even grounded outlets can begin a fire if the wiring behind them is loose.?? 

Regularly check your outlets. You should search for indications of wear. This includes soot around the switches or sockets. Tighten the wire if they’re loose.??